Vaping Kits

Do you vape already?

Or are you giving up smoking?

If so.. Here you will find a substantial collection of vape kits to suit every taste.

From beginners to experienced users we've got you covered!

We stock only the most popular brands. So you can be sure that you are buying a quality product at a fantastic price that's gonna give you the flavour hit & fantastic clouds that you crave!


Vaping is generally used as a way to stop smoking cigarettes.

It's a much safer alternative to consuming all the additives found in traditional smoking methods.

If you wish to stop smoking and you have never vaped before. You are going to love the experience.

However it'd be wise to consult your GP to receive official medical advise with regards to the many benefits.

KINKYDIVA LTD take no responsibility for your consumption of vape products without taking prior medical advice!