RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone Masturbator With Controller S to M

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RENDS R-1 A10 Cyclone Masturbator With Controller Small to Medium
The revolving electrical masturbation hole A10 Cyclone is the first male product for the R-1 attachment series.
Bring into reality the masturbation dream of every man to climax without ever having to move ones hand. Soft rubber interior wraps around and envelopes your penis. The same strong pleasure of intercourse or fellatio is experienced by the stimulating rubbing produced by the A10 Cyclones inner rotation.
A10 Cyclone was developed due to the overwhelming feedback of men who wanted A tool that can bring me to climax at the touch of a button. With its powerful motor, even a big penis would not be able to stop A10 Cyclones powerful rotations. The PWM control is one of the special features of the R-1 series allowing the A10 Cyclone to express seven various patterns and seven levels of speed from low to ultra-high for a combination of 49 unique modes possible. Even without all the unique patterns of rotations and speed, the A10 Cyclone would fulfil the dreams of men everywhere.
The 49 unique modes bring the A10 Cyclone to an all-new level by customizing your favourite experience as every penis is different while also ensuring you will never get bored from the restriction of one mode. Furthermore, the inner cup is exchangeable with other inner patterns(sold separately) for a completely different sensation and experience.
The spacers for the A10 Cyclone adjust the length of the unit to accommodate all different lengths. With all these accessory options, the perfect pleasure is now in your hands.
Over two years of development with a constant emphasis on Fully Automated Electric Hole. A10 Cyclone being made in Japan adds a sense of reliability and quality that people have come to expect. A10 Cyclone will forever change the course of history for electric masturbation product. The culture of masturbation will never be the same!
With A10 Cyclone, you can enjoy pleasure anytime. It will caress your penis as long as you want, climax as many times as you want. With such convenient pleasure, please take care to not depend on A10 Cyclone too much
Product size, Length 20cm Width 8.5cm
Rubber opening Inner diameter 2cm
Inner Cup Inner diameter 3.4cm

The R-1 Starter Set has the main controller for all the R-1 attachments and comes with its own Bach Rotor.
The R-1 Controller is responsible for the 50 modes and patterns available for all the attachments, it does this by reading the IC chip that is built into each sex toy attachment.
The mode switch allows you to choose from 7 different patterns, like vibration impulses, running direction and many other unique modes.
The Bach Rotor is a vibrating bullet that has a unique hole feature at its tip, this is the perfect size for the clit to generate a more intense clit stimulation. Again the Bach Rotor has 50 modes 7 different patterns x 7 different speeds and will produce the most intense pleasure.
Data typed attachment control
R-1 controller reads IC chip data built-in each attachment and controls attachments to express the most suitable motion in accordance with their characteristics.
Advanced power supply circuit
By inserting an optimized power supply circuit for battery drive, we achieved energy conservation. We also analyzed the balance between power and energy to maximize battery ability.
Auto power-off function
Even if you forget to turn off the power, it automatically turns itself off 4 minutes after no motion start. Just like a TV remote controller, you do not have to remove the battery every time you finish using R-1. Because power consumption level, while power is off, is 13uA which is almost the same as natural electric discharge.
Battery remain indicator
When the battery power becomes weak, the R-1 controller detects it and warns you by blinking the LED pilot light. It also has an auto-power-off function when the battery voltage gets too weak to use.
Turbo function
Turbo function was originally designed to prevent motor burning. But it turned out that it can produce massive power for a certain time by using the power supply unit with our own special technology.

Length: 7.5 - 8 Inches
Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable: 5 to 6 inches
Colour: Black
Flexibility: Firm
Controller: Wired
For Who: Male
Features: 50 modes
Material: Silicone
Brand: R1 Rends Series
Power: 3 x C (included)
Size: 7.5 8 Inches
Opening: Stealth